In this pattern card we are illustrating screen prints with our range of AOPL Emulsions at full strength and 1:4 reductions. AOPL Emulsions give prints which are brighter in shade and clearer in tone. AOPL Emulsions are based on selected pigments in finely dispersed form with excellent stability of dispersion. These AOPL Emulsions are miscible with one another so as to obtain any desired combination shade. Now days water thickeners are being used in making of pigment printing pastes in instead of mineral oil which are low molecule acrylic acid based thickening system in oil suspended form and also it contains acrylic co-polymers. It gives excellent fastness and brightness specially with AOPL Binders to the print and also gives soft prints.

Preparation of Printing Paste :

Pigment Color : X Parts Fixers : 1 Part Water based Thickener Paste : 100 Parts

After printing and dying at 80 - 90° C, full fixation is achieved by curing at 140° C for 5 minutes.

AOPL Emulsions can be based in all three printing system employed in textile printing industry.

Fastness properties are mainly dependent on the quality of binders (we recommend AOPL Binders for better results). In order to obtain fastness properties. Minimum 10% AOPL binder has to be used in the print paste for shades up to 4% depth. Above 4% concentration of AOPL Emulsions in the print paste, pigment emulsion to binder ratio should be maintained at 1:3. Fastness properties should be checked only after storing the goods minimum 24 hours after curing.

Fastness Rating :

Light Fastness ( 1-8 Scale)   8 =  Excellent
                                                ● = Poor

All other properties (1 – 5 Scale)   5 =  Excellent
                                                            1 = Poor

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