Product Application
RAA AOL HAND WASH Hand Was to obtain the highest level of Hygiene and a product that leaves a soft touch.
RAA AOL CLEAN HAND RUB Hand Rub for Instant Hygiene. The SILVER Ion Technology imparts long-term protection
RAA AOL ANTI-MICROBIAL FABRIC CLEANER For removal of hard stains and for superior greece control. It kills Germs, bacteria and Viruses and prevents it from regenerating.
RAA AOL ANTI-MICROBIAL FLOOR DISINFECTANT Instantly kills bacteria and germs. Imparts antiviral properties and extended protectionn against pathogenic activity. Can be used in all types of surfaces.
RAA AOLANTI-MICROBIAL FUMIGATION LIQUID Spray it on any form of surface and in air for aerial disinfection. Quick action response against bacteria and germs. Also prevents the regeneration of Bacteria, thus imparting extended anti-microbial properties.
AOPL Shield 5 For Disinfecting, Sanitation and Fumigation Application
RAA AOL Shield Ready to use Disinfectant for prolonged protection even after application.

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 "We are glad to announce that the commercial production of Phase I has started from 12th February 2023
our new state of art manufacturing facility in Dahej, Gujarat. It will increase our production capacity by 1,500
Metric Tonnes per month for the production of Organic Peroxides and Salicylic Acid & Derivatives."