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In the year of 2016, we acquired a new corporate office in Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India, Ambani Organics manufactures over 100+ specialty products which are used in several different industries which include paper, paint, textile, adhesive, construction, carpet and many others. Ambani Organics as a company is not only technically strong but is also backed up by planned Marketing strategies.

The organization is equipped with a diversified and active marketing and sales team. Since we intend to keep our customers all over the globe happy and satisfied the teams have been separately dedicated to domestic and international sales. Apart from Pan India coverage, our products are also exported to more than 20+ countries.

When asked how strong and trustworthy is the brand Ambani Organics Limited, we believe, every individual be it customers or suppliers their answer would be that Ambani Organics is the most reliable and trusted brand in today’s chemical market. We believe in the saying “Once a customer, always a customer.”

Contact Detail of Head Office
Ambani Organics Limited
Address: 801, 8 th Floor, “351 ICON”, Next to Natraj Rustomjee, W. E. Highway, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069
Phone No. :+91 22 2682 2027 / 28 / 29, +91 22 2682 7541
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Quality is the best business Plan – Joha Lasseter

In our R&D center qualified dynamic staff work on high-precision, latest generation technologies to produce innovative products that are capable of adding value to our customers.

In order to keep up with and deliver products to customers as per their requirement, Ambani Organics has put great efforts and investments in building a high-tech laboratory. Till 2016 the laboratory was located in Andheri, Mumbai, which, in 2017 was shifted to Tarapur, Boisar, Maharashtra. The new R&D premises is twice as large compared to the initial premises equipped with more number of new and better testing equipment. To ensure quality consistency and to obtain the superior grade of all the products, all the raw materials, semi- finished and finished products are screened for quality at our R&D center.

We are known for co-operating with universities and carrying out joint venture with them, helping their students with their PhD. and Master’s thesis, which overtime has helped us to form a team of young enthusiastic professionals who are experts in the field of R&D analysis. These investments that we’ve made, not only economically but also by putting our trust in these experienced individuals has allowed us to conduct special studies to cater to the special application needs of our customers. This approach of solution oriented approach has allowed us to increase our quality of service to the highest level.

The company is also certified with “ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certificate” and “GOTS Certification for textile products” per European standards. The morals of Ambani Organic has never believed in developing customer-supplier relationship but has always encouraged in working hand in hand and being the solution providers to our clients. This allows the smooth and consistent working of the supplier-employee-client chain.

Manufacturing Excellence

With the increasing awareness to global warming, Ambani Organics has adapted to the change and plans on revolutionizing in green-chemistry. Due to this shift to green chemistry, major coating applications have seen a shift from solvent based to eco-friendly products. With the market showing a consistent growth in the use of non-polluting environmentally friendly products, the company has been continuously increasing and upgrading its in-house developed specialty chemical product range.

Over the years from 1996 to 2013 the company ventured into packing and textile industry followed by paper, carpet, paint and construction industry amongst many more specialty chemicals applications. Thus, it is safe to say that Ambani Organics has been continuously evolving and innovating in newmarkets and application. This has led to a continuous increase in plant capacity from 700 tones/year in1996 to 7000 tons/year in 2013.

In the year 2016, we acquired the controlling stake in Omega Woven mills which is the neighboring unit to Ambani Organics. In 2018, we acquired the controlling stake in Om Maruti Glasswool and Wirenetting Products Pvt. Ltd. and expanded our product range and started the manufacturing of Metal Soaps (Paint Driers and FRP Hardeners). In 2019, we also started the manufacturing of Peroxide based products such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide, Tertiary Butyl Hydroperoxide, Di-tertiary Butyl Peroxide etc. Thus now, in 2019 the installed production capacity is 24000 tons/year. Ambani Organics has its manufacturing facilities located adjacent to each other with an employee base of 80+ skilled and semi-skilled workers and experienced field professionals.

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