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What’s the Difference Between a Halfway House and a Sober Living Home

These apartments usually offer short term leases, month-to-month rentals, and furnished living spaces. Of course, every unit comes with a full bathroom, kitchen, living room and one or two bedrooms. What’s great about living in a sober apartment complex is that there are usually a lot of activities like cookouts, game nights, and 12-step meetings.

What are halfway house rules?

  • If you’re looking for structured support on your journey to recovery, The Recovery Academy is here to assist you.
  • You can live at a halfway home if you’re freshly sober, have gone through detox, are willing to stay sober, and can commit to following the house rules.
  • Some even require you to look for work while living on the premises.
  • Life skills training is typically 1–3 times a week in sober living homes, ensuring residents are equipped to handle real-world challenges.

Some halfway houses also require residents to work or seek gainful employment during their stay. A halfway house is a good option if returning to normal life is too overwhelming, but you no longer need medical supervision. It allows you to live in a safe, substance-free environment while Sober House readjusting to life outside treatment. Sometimes, a person who has committed a drug-related crime may be sentenced to stay in a halfway house for a certain time instead of being sentenced to prison or jail time. Halfway houses are a bridge between incarceration and community living.

  • They provide a highly structured environment with more rules and oversight.
  • In addition to a sober living facility or a halfway house, there is also a place called the three-quarter house.
  • Of course, every unit comes with a full bathroom, kitchen, living room and one or two bedrooms.
  • While both programs encourage drug-free living and participation in treatment, halfway houses are more strict.

Mental and Physical Health

Give us a call and we can help find the right treatment program for you or your loved one – even if it’s not ours! Riviera Recovery is passionate about assisting people as they make the shift to sober living. Our staff of highly qualified experts is devoted to providing our clients with the courage and competence they need for enduring sobriety. How has social media affected people’s appetite for details about celebrities’ private lives? These days people feel as if they have the right to information from celebrities, because if they can’t get that information from them directly, they can get it through social media anyway.

The Many Pros and Not-so-Many-Cons of Sober Living

sober house vs halfway house

Here in Pennsylvania and nearby regions, for instance, we commonly hear descriptive terms such as, halfway house, 3/4 house and recovery home. Other regions like California and Florida are more prone to using the term sober living or aftercare/transitional housing when referring to someone looking for a post-treatment plan. For those that may not need as much structure, sober living homes may be the best option for you. Sober living houses allow residents to gradually adjust to independent living while still benefiting from a supportive community.

Benefits of Sober Living

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